Trivia Machine

Trivia Machine 1.1

How far does your knowledge of trivia go?


  • Addictive for trivia buffs
  • Lots of different question variety
  • Fun lightning round
  • New questions added frequently


  • Basic, outdated graphics
  • Limited number of categories
  • No two player mode


Trivia Machine is a game to test your trivia prowess for Windows PCs.

If you think you're a master of all things trivia, get ready to put that to the test. Trivia Machine will keep you on your toes with fast-paced action and challenging questions.

The concept behind Trivia Machine is simple: earn points in each level to climb the point ladder on the left hand side of your screen. Once you reach it, you can move on to another, more challenging level.

The catch? You have to reach the top of the point ladder within a certain amount of turns, and each wrong answer will drop you down a rung on the ladder so beware!

Questions in Trivia Machine come in three difficulty levels - Elementary, Scholar and Genius. Each question has a point amount allotted to it according to its difficulty. If you don't know the answer, you can opt to remove a wrong answer up to two times, but note that doing so will drop the potential points you can earn by answering correctly fifty percent each time.

There aren't a lot of different trivia categories to choose from in Trivia Machine, but they are good ones. You can choose to answer questions in History, Geography, Music, Movies, Television, Sports and a few other areas. In higher levels, you'll have to strategize to ensure you can make it up to the top rung of the point ladder before time runs out.

In addition, some of Trivia Machine's categories have bonus features, like earning an extra turn or double points if you answer a question correctly. There's also a lightning round feature, where you have 60 seconds to answer 10 questions and earn extra points.

It's just too bad that there's no two player mode in Trivia Machine, which would have really supplemented gameplay by letting a friend join in on the fun.

Trivia Machine is a fun way to keep your mind active and learn some new, random tidbits.

Trivia Machine


Trivia Machine 1.1

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